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Finding Ways to Provide Affordable Workforce Housing – Maxwell Drever Shares His Insights

Having affordable workforce housing units is a concern for several Americans and many people all over the United States says Maxwell Drever. It has been a growing concern that people from various income levels couldn’t afford good homes to live in. And the group comprises teachers, seniors, firefighters, young families, and many more. Today, several agencies are accountable for incentivizing and motivating the establishment of workforce housing units in different parts of the United States. Such programs are aimed at homeownership, multifamily rental financing, energy efficiency, home repairs, and foreclosure prevention.

Additionally, the guarantee of the workforce and affordable housing will include a unified initiative both for the state agencies and the regional agencies. Today, some agencies are experts in developing the data, tools, and resources for the non-profit organizations and jurisdictions to recognize their community’s housing lacks and generate durable and creative strategies for addressing it. There are times when useful local and state policies and rules can negatively affect housing affordability, increasing the development expenses and moving the burden to the renter or the homeowner.

As Maxwell Drever says when it comes to pondering about how to provide affordable workforce housing to an area, here are a few steps that an agency or a leading group can follow:

  • Offer local jurisdiction and the required materials for educating the public about the advantages of workforce housing.
  • Come up with academic materials and programs for the jurisdictions and other community development partners. To assist them in increasing the state housing resources.
  • It is essential to work with the local and state organizations and agencies. Also, to develop creative ways to connect better workforce training and housing development.
  • It is essential to come up with interagency resources for recognizing the distinctive housing condition requirements and strategies. Also it is necessary to assess and review the impact. That the local and state rules and policies can have on the housing cost.
  • Develop correct systems for preserving and tracking the affordable housing stick which is present in a concerned region.
  • Explore into advanced housing financing mechanisms and partnerships for maximizing the stock of workforce affordable housing
  • Develop effective systems for preserving and tracking affordable housing stock in a region.
  • Improve and assess the state incentives for non-profits and jurisdictions to offer workforce housing.


Maxwell Drever says that some agencies and leaders think that new construction will solve the issue of the affordable workforce housing. But there needs to be more effort than that. Hence, it is essential to rehabilitate and preserve the old rental housing, which is mostly more affordable. And it can address the workforce housing needs better. It is also essential for lenders, operators, owners, and municipalities to develop ways to preserve and maintain workforce housing.  All these initiatives put together will help different leaders and agencies. To address the crisis of affordable housing better and even deliver the housing units. So that people can benefit from it and society develops as a whole.

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