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Maxwell Drever illustrates the path of transforming broken hotels into affordable workforce housing

The world is experiencing a shortage of affordable housing. It is a problem that has emerged in the post-pandemic scenario says Maxwell Drever. Local, state, and federal governments are thereby reducing the issue by sheltering vulnerable sections. More than 80% of the workforce population does not get a housing unit within their reach. It is because their income is so meager that they cannot take care of their monthly expenses. The average wage of these workers is not appropriate for renting a small unit for themselves. Hence, families are experiencing stress related to their income and expenses.

The gap between the demand and supply has a lot of reasons behind it. Lack of resources, poor management, and lack of government policies are some of the protruding reasons behind this. In such a setting, various property owners have come forward to transform their estates into workforce housing units. Hotel owners are the prominent ones. Since the lockdown has halted their regular operation, they have started remodeling their hotel rooms into affordable housing units.

Steps necessary for remodeling hotel rooms into residential units

The first step in the remodeling of hotel rooms is the acquisition of the property. The contemporary phenomenon of homelessness is a new one emanating in the post-pandemic scenario. Hence, the lack of availability of reasonable housing estate has added to their transportation expenses. They get forced to stay in suburban areas and travel for hours to reach their workplace. Hence, their monthly expenditure on transportation has added to their burden. In such a scenario, Maxwell Drevershows that mainly property owners and hotel owners have come up with provisions for remodeling their hotel rooms. After the acquisition of the property, the second step is the preparation of the blueprint.

Professional help for remodeling

Repurposing hotel rooms is a time-consuming and complex task. It is because hotel rooms get designed differently than residential estates. Hence, hotel owners will have to make provisions for the basic communities within a small space. Everything must be in qualified order, from the refrigerator to the microwave oven to the sink and kitchen layout. Construction of these rental estates requires appropriate planning and its due implementation. Hence, professional help is necessary. These individuals will work on a blueprint and then take up the project. The low-income families from rural backgrounds failed to get affordable housing units in and around business locations.

Governmental initiatives for smooth functioning

The remodeling of hotel rooms is a hard-hitting task. It requires support from national and international agencies. By way of different rules and regulations, support mechanisms, policies, and governmental measures, higher authorities will have to take every step to make the process smooth, believes Maxwell Drever. These are long-term assets that not only help these families but the community at large. Hence, a joint venture of public policy and the private market has become the need of the hour. State, federal and local level authorities will have to contribute to this resolution. The integral role played by the private sector must get the support of Federal Housing programs.

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