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Maxwell Drever throws light on the mass conversion of vacant hotels into affordable workforce housing

The reuse of broken and old hotels through conversion into affordable workforce housing has become a recent phenomenon says Maxwell Drever. It is designed to help low-income individuals who are struggling to get shelter over their heads. It is a pressing problem for developing nations and developed nations all across the globe. The changes in human life in the post-pandemic scenario are the reason behind this. Affordable workforce housing is for those median income groups with low wages that are not sufficient to take care of their regular necessities. There are various benefits of affordable workforce housing that society has to understand in the present situation. Reasonable rents, low construction costs, and the creation of urban communities are some of the benefits of affordable workforce housing.

The procedure of conversion of broken hotels into residential units

The procedure of conversion begins with stabilization of the original structure and preparatory work. The initiation of remodeling will start with a proper inspection of the estate to check the actual state of the property. Maxwell Dreverstates that everything needs a thorough examination, from the fixtures to the ceiling to the partition and even the mechanical system. Proper repairing of these structures is necessary before the remodeling starts. Everything must be according to the community codes, from fire escapes to the appropriate structuring of doors and windows. Hence, hotel owners will have to be cautious of the rules and regulations of local municipalities. When trying to frame new walls and new insulation, they will have to take up all these repairs according to the code of conduct.

Tax credits and policy measures for the conversion

The remodeling of broken hotels that have high historic value requires tax credits. The federal government will have to come forward with tax benefits and fee waivers so that the process goes smoothly. Governments will have to provide easy land access, reduce taxes and relax various restrictions on land use to help the hotel owners. These monetary benefits will not only add credibility to the process. It will also increase the value of the property. Remember that these communities get besieged every day to meet both ends.

Hence, these tax credits and policy measures are not only a support for hotel owners but susceptible sections of society, says Maxwell Drever. Building affordable workforce housing will add to the community’s overall health. As there will be an increase in other amenities, from new businesses to quality schools and efficient administrative departments. There will be a development of culture in the long run.

The goal of furnishing affordable workforce housing at a lower cost requires a combined effort by government and non-profit agencies. They will have to work on a comprehensive plan so that the interest of all the sections gets satisfaction. Before initiating the process, understanding the significance of affordable workforce housing is necessary. Only then will the process get its due motivation. More and more conversion hotels have become essential to solve the crisis.

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