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The concept of affordable workforce housing pioneered by Maxwell Drever

Having shelter over the head is an essential human requirement. However, getting an affordable residence has become a pressing problem for most individuals. More than 30% of households struggle to get an affordable housing unit that caters to their obligation says Maxwell Drever. These individuals who belong to the workforce population and come from different professions are cost-burdened by various factors. From transport to regular expenses, the ratio of income and expenditure is diverse. Hence, spending more than half of their income on a residence is never a choice. The shortage of adequate workforce housing has resulted in a negative impact on different communities. Housing cost has burdened these families who are now experiencing stress related to retirement, healthcare, food security, and transportation. Here, a positive role by the public and private sector has become the need of the hour.

Affordable workforce housing is always in good demand

Since there is a demand and supply problem, the affordable workforce housing crisis cannot get solved if different players do not come together. What is the motive behind the lack of cheap houses? The rising cost of household units and the lack of land are some reasons behind this, says Maxwell Drever. In the modern world, a vast share of the nation’s income goes to the upper sections of society. Hence, the lower and middle-income groups are falling far behind. They do not have adequate resources to take care of their daily requirements and household necessities. The shift of resources into the hands of the wealthy section has reduced the availability of the housing sector for these median income groups.

Discover real opportunities for addressing the problem

Apart from federal policy, tax policies and redistribution of resources are the need of the hour. Changes in local land use for addressing the constraints of development and affordability are necessary. Maxwell Drever remarks that governments will have to strategically use their resources and provide housing units to these vulnerable sections of society, all across the globe. They will have to focus upon the demand-supply gap. Also, provide support for the development and preservation of affordable workforce housing units. Whether a single-family or multifamily home, a two-way combined effort by public and private sectors will help resolve this issue. Local agencies and administrations will have to develop federal tax policies and redistribution measures to support the low and middle-class people.

The role of political leaders and local business people

At the grassroots level, political leaders and entrepreneurs who are also struggling challenges of housing challenges will# have to come forward to provide a solution. Seasonal business gets scrambled every year because they do not find housing units. Hence, local organizations and grassroots agencies will have to come forward to play a proactive role in creating affordable housing units.

By grabbing resources and supporting the combined effort of governmental agencies, they can put across local barriers and lead the show.  When people and government together, it will transform the scenario, thereby helping people.

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