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Top 3 Things Shared by Maxwell Drever You Should Know About Poverty and Housing

The affordable housing crisis is one of the worst concerns in the United States. Over the past years, the development of affordable housing became so low that lower and middle-class families were forced to stay in rented apartments. The rents are so extremely high and people are facing major financial issues after paying the rent explains Maxwell Drever

On the other hand, the decreased production of affordable housing is increasing the rate of homelessness as well as poverty. Nowadays, the poverty rate of the United States is all-time high and many people are spending their days on the streets. People should know the affordable housing crisis, homelessness, and poverty are linked with each other. Here are the top 3 things you should know about poverty and housing. 

There are Different Definitions of Poverty

There are no proven techniques available to measure the rate of poverty in a country. Most of the time, the poverty thresholds are determined upon taking measurements of survival essential items. Such as shelter and food for different-sized families. 

The definition of poverty, stated by The United Nations Development Program reported. That poverty is impossible to measure only by the amount of income. Instead, the Government needs to take a multidimensional approach. Such as education, healthcare, and access to clean water, foods, clothes, and standard of living to determine the seriousness of poverty. On the other hand quality of affordable housing as well as electricity also plays an important role to determine poverty. 

Having a House Doesn’t Mean People Are Living in Great Circumstances

As per Maxwell Drevermore than 30 million Americans pay more than 30% of their monthly salary on housing and other types of housing rents. This is why they are force to maintain their bank balance. By taking extremely hard decisions about health, transportation, and food. Meanwhile, 20% of people are paying more than half of their income for the rent. These people are severely cost-burden and face problems affording basic living expenses. 

Housing poverty contains various things including fuel poverty, lack of access to sanitization, water, and energy. As per the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. More than 20% of people worldwide don’t have access to electricity. In circumstances where people do have access to water and electricity. They are paying an irrelevant amount of money for the consumed energy. 

Insecure tenure is undoubtedly a reality for most Americans. That are preventing them from affording the most basic economic, physical, and psychological security of adequate shelter. Not to mention, more than 15% of Americans don’t have legal contracts for their property. 

Housing is Health

Housing quality has a massive impact on the health and emotional well-being of people. When you have a home with rodents, mold, and other types of pests, it would cause symptoms of asthma, says Maxwell Drever. On the other hand, overcrowded housing will increase the spread of infectious diseases. This is what Government should build more affordable homes. This is the only way to decrease the severity of the affordable housing crisis. 


These are the top 3 things you should know about poverty and housing. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment down below. 

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