About Maxwell Drever

With a career now spanning five decades, Maxwell Drever is well known as one of the fathers of impact real estate investing.  His efforts have resulted in nearly 50,000 repurposed apartment complexes, thousands of satisfied investors, countless improved lives, and several restored communities.  And, as more and more of Maxwell’s peers in the upper echelon of the business world bought into the mantra that “greed is good”, Maxwell never lost his faith in the phrase “doing well by doing good’.  So today, while he serves as Chairman Emeritus of Drever Capital Management, he still enjoys rolling up his sleeves and getting into the nuances of risk analysis.   Maxwell has been featured in many news sources such as The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News, Forbes Magazine, Reuters, Financial Post and The Wall Street Journal.

About affordable workforce housing

Maxwell Drever believes everyone deserves to live in safe, affordable, and high-quality housing.  Affordable workforce housing provides all this and more. It also provides those who invest in such projects with the opportunity to earn above-average returns while also providing a real economic benefit to the American economy by improving the quality of life for those living in newly restored high-quality homes.

Maxwell will continue to invest in affordable workforce housing for many reasons, but most importantly because of the positive impact it makes on the lives of an underserved sector of American citizens.

What is affordable workforce housing?

Affordable Workforce housing is defined as “affordable homes for rent, intended to be occupied by households earning less than the average income of a given geographical area.” Affordable workforce housing can also be defined as “housing that does not exceed 30% of household income”.

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Maxwell Drever

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