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3 Places To Find Affordable Houses In California

When we talk about California, the one thing that everyone knows is that it is termed the golden state of the United States of America. While it is the dream place to reside in for many people, it is also the third most expensive state that you can live in.

With its wide range of gorgeous beaches, stunning mountains, and beautiful weather throughout the year, California offers a lot to its people.

Are you searching for a place in California? Also, do you want the house to be within your budget? You can study about 3 places that offer affordable houses and are also liveable.

You need to study them closely, patiently save for them, and then wait for the best house!

Affordable Place # 1 – Oxnard

Oxnard is located in Ventura County and is popularly known as a beach city. It has 208,154 residents and the location lies 36 miles north of Santa Barbara. It also lies 60 miles North of Los Angeles. It offers an expansive variety of cuisines from different cultures like Brazilian, Japanese, Mexican, American, and Italian.

With its 20 miles of gorgeous beaches, it is filled with adventurous activities like surfing, kayaking whale watching, etc.

While the population size is significant, the affordability has been sustained in Oxnard. You can rent a 1 bedroom apartment for $1,400 per month. The cost of utilities and transportation are also lower when compared to the state median.

The household income on average is around $88,891. Oxnard has a position of being an agricultural hub and offers fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. The median home costs $749,000 in Oxnard. The average rent of an apartment is $2,407. Maxwell Drever of drever capital management suggests that due to the affordability and beautiful beaches, Oxnard can turn out to be your dream location.

Affordable Place # 2 – Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga lies in the area located in the midst of Palm Springs and  Los Angeles. Rancho Cucamonga is known as one of the largest wine-producing locations and is nestled beautifully in the foothills of mountains.

It is known as a growing metropolis with over 176,370 residents in it. The average income of the household in Rancho Cucamonga is $108,525. Rancho Cucamonfa has numerous park grounds, hiking trails, farmer’s markets, baseball stadiums, and shoopint centres etc. It is also blessed with radiant sunshine for 287 days of the year.

Affordable Place # 3 –  Redlands

Another affordable place to live in is Redlands. It lies in Southern California and is located near San Bernardino. Redlands has a population of 71,804 and the average household income stands at $103,196.

Redlands is loved for its  beautifully preserved historic appearance with old buildings that were built in the 1800s.

The average house cost in Redlands is $600,000 while the avergae rent stand at $2,092.


Redlands, Oxnard and Rancho Cucamonga are three places that are affordable and liveable. You can buy a house there or live on rent as per your requirement..

Top 4 Housing Developments In Austin

One of the most significant disadvantages of searching for housing developments in Austin is that it can be challenging for low-income individuals and families to find affordable houses. However, numerous new affordable housing developments will open up in Austin within the next few years.

Sure, some people probably won’t wait and look for affordable houses elsewhere. But those who do will undoubtedly save a ton of money! So, on that note, listed below are some of the top housing developments in Austin that you can consider in the future:

Suggestion # 1- Aldrich 51

Aldrich 51 is located in the extremely desired Mueller district, a mixed-use community with walking trails, restaurants, and retail shops in the heart of Austin. 85 percent of the 240 apartments in this housing development are reserved for low-income individuals. This is why Aldrich 51 is one of the best up-and-coming housing developments in Austin, Texas.

The working class can pick from studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments. The only requirement is that the families earn 30 to 60% of Austin’s median family income, ranging from 32,000 dollars to 41,250 dollars for a family of four. In addition, the monthly rent will range from 620 dollars to 1200 dollars.

Suggestion # 2-Tuckaway Apartments

This 17.5-acre housing development is a new entry into the Cedar Park area. Tuckaway Apartments have masonry exteriors, two playgrounds, a dog park, a business center, a fitness facility, a splash pad, and a swimming pool. However, Tuckaway only has 256 units, making way for a buffer along Bagdad Road, extra green space, and a two-acre public park.

Maxwell Drever of drever capital management suggests low-income families shortlist this Austin housing development if they want to experience luxury at a low cost.

Suggestion # 3- Windy Ridge

Another one of the many budget-friendly housing developments in Austin, Texas. Windy Ridge Apartments deserve a little sneak peek. What’s more, the Dominium Management Services LLC recently took over control of this apartment complex, so expect big things.

This residential apartment complex houses a total of 120 units, either three or one-bedroom. Other amenities include energy-efficient appliances, covered parking, a dog park, and a clubhouse.

Suggestion # 4-Cardinal Point

Recently opened in 2017, Cardinal Point is located in the western part of Austin, specifically in the Four Points community. This apartment complex houses 140 units that are excellent for low-income families looking for housing developments in the top-rated Leander Independent School District.

Hurrying up and booking your unit ASAP as families living in this apartment complex can access health and financial stability programs and free education. This apartment complex also features a fitness center with yoga and Zumba classes and a Community Learning Center that offers summer and after-school learning programs.

Wrapping Up

Despite the slowdown in the housing sector, housing developments in Austin still remain an excellent option for families looking for something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. So, if you’re among this group of people, we think that you need to consider the options mentioned above, especially if you’re looking for luxury at a low price.

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