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How to Increase Awareness about Workforce Housing – ask Maxwell Drever

In recent years, the need for workforce housing has become increasingly important. However, those workforce providing services to local communities, like restaurant workers, firefighters, police officers, teachers, and nurses, often cannot afford to live where they work says Maxwell Drever

Most land use and zoning policies prohibit new workforce housing developments in communities nearby suburban centers. Therefore, the workforce often ends up finding housing in distressed communities.  These places lack good schools, health care facilities, retail shops, mobility accommodations, and more.  This situation is not only unjust for the workforce but also hurts the job market, causing employee retention problems on the one end and the issues that come with having too many transient workers on the other.

Why it’s important to develop affordable workforce housing?

Developing substantial amounts of affordable workforce housing complexes needs to be considered a priority for our nation.  Few people know that demand for quality affordable workforce housing apartments currently stands at seven million units!  That said, close attention should be paid to developers such as Maxwell Drever.  This legendary impact real estate investor has repositioned and developed 47000+ complexes during his career.  He is certainly one of the most prolific developers of the last half-century.

Collect and share data-driven insights

In this era, people believe in objective data and insights. Therefore, shared insights regarding the state of affordable workforce housing in the country should become commonplace. Including facts and figures will provide an accurate picture of the state of the newly “standalone” affordable workforce housing sector As more complexes are complete, invest in the development of stakeholders who will become advocates for this powerful platform. 

Understand what makes the media tick.  

Carefully use the media to explain the long-term ramifications.  As we all know, the shock factor is all it takes to get a news truck rolling.  Making it known that the United States has seven million people waiting for the chance to live in new affordable workforce housing apartments should evoke a response!.

Highlighting the Systems that Help Develop Equity

Simply saying that “low-income groups need affordable housing” won’t help much. What is needing are explicit reasons why and how this disaster happening. 

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