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Maxwell Drever on the many reasons affordable workforce housing must be an essential part of our economy

Affordable Workforce Housing refers to housing stock that is in the affordable range for individuals and families with low incomes (based upon geographic location). Also, Affordable workforce housing can be as small as a single room, situated in an apartment complex, standalone house townhouse, hotel, commercial building, and the list goes on. Affordable workforce housing traditionally offers at least a kitchenette, laundry facilities, and a common area for socializing. According to Maxwell Drever, the lack of affordable workforce housing stock nationwide makes available units best reserved for those who must travel more than 60 to 80-minutes to reach their place of employment.

What is the official definition of “workforce housing.”

Going by the dictionary, workforce housing means explicitly a dwelling that is affordable for an individual earning between 60 to 120% of the median income of a specific area. Workforce housing has traditionally targeted middle-income workers. This grouping includes firefighters, police officers, teachers, and many other civil service types of employment. To address the varying requirements of workforce housing, different states have held different policies through the years. 

What is “affordable workforce housing” and what makes it economically viable?

Affordable workforce housing introduced the concept of creating lower-cost units for the workforce. The complexes that house these units may comfortably co-exist in the same communities as what is considered expensive housing. The initial part of the affordable workforce housing “secret sauce” is sourcing the purchase of an existing structure. That is run-down but still primarily functional. Interestingly enough, the decline in hotel occupancy caused by Covid was created. The ideal design for potential new developments in so-called “broken” hotels. Purchasing such a hotel at a reasonable price to make the economics of conversion. To affordable workforce housing, viable creates synergies that can fundamentally change communities.

Why is affordable workforce housing important, and what does $500-$600 per month have to do with its importance?

According to various estimates, seven million affordable workforce housing units, available for rent in the $500-$600 per month range. Can be built before supply catches up with demand. This means that developers with the necessary expertise and experience, such as Maxwell Drever, must purchase structures, such as broken hotels, at prices where they can make reasonable profits for themselves and their companies. With funds enough to pay for the conversion, create above-average returns for their investors. And deliver near-luxury surroundings for the individuals and families that will live in their affordable $500-$600 per month units. To stabilize families, improve employee performance and loyalty, improve schools and law enforcement. Also, To attract new small businesses and new investments, and finally. To build strong communities that can become showcases for all who need proof. That the affordable workforce housing concept works on so many levels.


Affordable workforce housing is a fundamentally sound long-term solution for those with low incomes. Low risk of unemployment, struggling to pay market value rents. Affordable workforce housing provides stability and increased productivity for workers and their families, both inside and outside the workplace.

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