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Men Like Maxwell Drever Have Realized That Affordable Workforce Housing Can Resolve the Housing Crisis

Suppose you review the housing scenario in the United States. In that case, you will realize that the situation is grim and needs attention from the government and other local authorities to move towards a resolution says Maxwell Drever. Today, cab drivers end up sleeping in their cars at the end of the day. The reason is that they couldn’t afford the high house rent and got evicted by the landlord. On the other hand, another section of people had to shift to remote areas because they couldn’t find comfortable and secure housing within their reach in the urban areas.

In addition to the existing crisis, the pandemic has made the situation worse. Since, the pandemic made many people lose out on their job or experience salary cuts, the workforce population is searching for homes that they can pay for. Today, most people in this bracket end up paying half of their income as house rent, which compromises their quality of life. Hence, men like Maxwell Drever says that there needs to be an increased supply of affordable workforce housing so that the people in need can stay securely and work well to have a decent lifestyle.

What the lack of affordable workforce housing does?

It goes without saying that a home is an essential requirement for anyone. However, the workforce population doesn’t get a secure home to stay they end up staying in poor-quality homes in the suburban areas. These sites are located far from their workplace. And as a result, two things happen. First, they end up paying more for their commute which causes a dent on their savings and makes it challenging for them to pay for other expenses. Second, the poor lifestyle can make them sick and affect their work productivity, resulting in loss for the employers.

However, their lifestyle improved when they get to stay in an affordable house. Where they have the necessary amenities and can afford it within their income. If the low-cost housing is located close to their workplace. They will have an easier commute and pay less for the same. Additionally, it will enable them to increase their work productivity. Which is a win-win situation both for the employers and the employees. Better work output guarantees better earning, which ensures a better work-life balance.

Resolving the housing crisis

There are several ways to resolve the housing crisis. And over the past few years, the government has been taking several steps in this regard. Maxwell Drever says that one of the crucial initiatives is being taken by the hotel owners. Who are planning to convert their properties into an affordable workforce housing unit. It is true for those hotels that got affected by the pandemic outbreak. And are recording low occupancies to the extent of becoming completely redundant. Today, several non-profits are purchasing such hotels and are converting it into low-cost housing spaces for the workforce population. The work is on, and once it gains speed and gets the correct assistance from the government. It will go a long way in lessening the housing crisis in the United States.

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