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Top 3 Tips by Maxwell Drever to Get Affordable Housing Projects Properly

Even amid the policy bank role, it’s still possible for the United States Government to deliver affordable housing opportunities says Maxwell Drever. However, they need to engage with the appropriate people and choose the perfect model. 

But, keep in mind that the process is not easy. As the United States is facing a severe affordable houses crisis, the process of affordable housing projects has become harder. Not only is the lack of enthusiasm from the political leaders, but various unavoidable circumstances making access to affordable housing hard. Here are the top 3 tips to get affordable housing projects properly. 

Break Down the Stigma

This is one of the most fundamental and first issues to address. People should understand the stigma attached to affordable housing. The stigma is particularly applicable for local governments who are concerned regarding the influx of residents that might be unable to fit the existing cultural combination. 

However, this issue can be solved easily. The control level of tenancy in the affordable housing industry is extremely high. In most cases, the availability of affordable housing is aimed at local workers such as teachers, nurses, and law enforcement. The landowners need to work with the CHP so that they can specify the particular industry as well as the income of the tenant to ensure proper fit of the cultural and the local employment. Adding local employment to the cultural mix and demonstrating the social value is one of the most important steps to gather momentum in the affordable housing industry. 

Increase the Contact Length and Reduce the Scale

Local governments and various developers have one common misconception is that they need to provide a massive number of dwellings so that they can trigger the interest of the CHPs. If you run an organization that is not risk-free, you can reap the benefits by reducing the massive number of dwellings. Not to mention, you can also increase the length of partnership with the CHP. Maxwell Drever says developing 10 or fewer affordable housing on a 30+ year lease will help the CHP to cover the future income from the dwellings. This is because they will finance the dwellings of the additional affordable housing. Keep in mind that long-term investment will have a lower multiplier risk on the social economy. 

Don’t Neglect the Alternate Models

The majority of affordable housing approve or delivering in the last decade has been implementing. Within massive scale apartment-style developments, says Maxwell Drever. This means that being a large part of the urban affordable housing development projects. Such as housing delivered through the Communities Plus Program or bespoke integrations. The type of integration is run by the local Government. However, the increasing momentum behind the alternative affordable housing models is opening multiple affordable housing options. To both the small and large private developers. 

As per AHURI, the dwellings of accessory and co-living apartments. In the residential area are one of the fastest-growing types of affordable housing. 


Keep in mind policy intervention is require to deliver affordable and social housing. However, the irrelevant implementation of the policy should not halt the action from both the private and public sectors. 

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